Reproductive Justice

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Gun Violence Action

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Take Action Network

2022 will be a pivotal year for Whatcom County, our state, and our nation. Democracy is under attack. So it’s imperative that people with limited time take action quickly and efficiently on important issues, and communicate directly with our representatives.

Announcing the Take Action Network, or TAN, which enables members of organizations like Indivisible Bellingham to easily interact on bills, town halls, voting campaigns, and other important community issues being promoted by a variety of Washington state progressive organizations.

TAN is like having your own personal assistant for progressive action.

We encourage ALL members to start using TAN immediately – it’s the quick, easy way to engage and increase your political influence with your representatives and your community.

If you’re ready to join TAN, you can either simply click this Invitation LINK and sign up – – or if you want more context, view the video and slide deck from this Invitation Slide.

Questions? We’ll be happy to answer them, or set up training, if necessary.

Simply contact us at

They Represent Us and They Work For Us

Comprehensive 2022 Directory of Government Officials
(Courtesy of the League of Women Voters)

Indivisible Guide

A few days after the election of Donald Trump, two former congressional staffers talked about what every progressive in America was talking about: what do we do now? We saw energy building to resist, but it wasn’t directed.

Sign a petition? Call Congress? How does this actually translate into taking down Donald Trump’s agenda?

It hit us. We’d seen a model for success for how local activism can affect real change in Congress. If the Tea Party was able to take on a historically popular President Obama with a Democratic super-majority to slow and sometimes defeat his federal agenda, we can surely take on Donald Trump and the members of Congress who would do his bidding.

So we wrote a Google Doc and put it online December 14. The roadmap we laid out wasn’t rocket science:

  • Tea Party-inspired strategy: locally focused, defensive congressional advocacy to protect our values (without the vitriol).
  • How your member of Congress thinks: reelection, reelection, reelection — and how to use that to save democracy.
  • Identify or organize your local group: building constituent power through organically-formed, locally-led groups.
  • Local advocacy tactics that actually work: focusing on your three members of Congress through town halls, other public events, district office visits, and mass calls.