Your Vote Counts! – Voter Registration

After October 8, you may download a registration form and register to vote in person, until October 29:

Family members or Friends In Other States? Send them a link to voter registration in their state.

States that do not offer online voter registration:

Arkansas Maine Michigan Mississippi Missouri
Montana New Hampshire New Jersey North Carolina North Dakota*
Oklahoma Puerto Rico South Dakota Texas Wisconsin

*No registration is required

Other helpful websites:

Dos and Donts:

Federal Voting Assistance Program
Register American Citizens who live overseas:

Rock the Vote!
Register to vote in any state; rights, resources:

Online pledge to vote card:

Fair Elections Center
Voting guides for every state:

National Voter Registration Day
Register to vote in each state:

Rules for voter registration drives in each state:

Nonprofit VOTE
Voting in your state:

Brennan Center for Justice
Voting for felons in each state:

Resistance School (Harvard)
Video:  How to Register Voters and Resources –