Bellingham Protect the Results Rally HAS BEEN POSTPONED

The Bellingham Protect the Results coalition met this evening to discuss the rally planned for this past Wednesday and rescheduled for tomorrow (Saturday, 11/7) at Maritime Heritage Park in Bellingham. We have decided to postpone the event and reactivate quickly if there is a real threat to the results of the national election.

The seventeen of us, encompassing members of Indivisible Bellingham, Fourth Corner Election Integrity Group, Sierra Club – Mount Baker, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Greater Washington, Whatcom Undaunted, 350 Bellingham, Sunrise Movement, Riveters Collective, and NW WA Central Labor Council discussed our goals and decided the following:

So far, it appears the democratic process is working well, despite attempts by the Trump campaign to sow distrust of the electoral process in numerous states. State attorneys general and secretaries of state have shown that the electoral process is transparent, legal, and all valid votes are being counted. At this point we don’t see any dangerous actions that require a response from us. This may change.

Also, given the increase in coronavirus cases (the third day in a row with new cases more than 100,000 and the fourth day in a row of deaths more than 1,000), we feel that the health and safety of our participants in a large gathering is paramount. We feel gathering would be irresponsible unless there is a dire emergency.

We would like to express a huge “Thank You” to you who have signed up to stand up for democracy by attending the event. We’d also like to thank our team for the hard work they’ve put in to prepare for this event and to the 14 prospective speakers and performers who were scheduled to attend.

As we move forward, only we – all together – can brighten what some feel are dark days ahead. We are a community of people who may not always agree, but are united by the principles of fairness, inclusion, tolerance, and a just society for all.

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FACT: burning gas in buildings (think: heating and gas stoves) is one of the biggest sources of climate pollution in Bellingham. Plus, gas-powered buildings have significantly worse indoor air quality than buildings that run on electricity.

But the sweet thing is that Bellingham can be the first city in Washington to build only all-electric, carbon-free new buildings.

We must call on our leaders to take this step now, before the year ends. Will you please add your name to the petition calling on City Council to act with urgency?

Last year, the city’s Climate Action Task Force put out a list of policies that City Council should pass to reduce Bellingham’s climate impact and safeguard our future. One of these recommended actions is to make all new buildings electric, so that Bellingham builds clean, carbon-free buildings that won’t rely on fossil fuels.

It’s been nearly a year since the Task Force put forward its recommendations, but City Council hasn’t made them into policy yet. Last month’s deadly wildfires showcase just how urgently we need to get off fossil fuels to slow further climate disruption.

We can’t afford to let any more time go by. 

Add your name to the petition calling on City Council to act with urgency.

Burning gas pollutes our air, leaks harmful methane, and puts our buildings at risk of explosion. It’s a bad idea to hook buildings up to fossil gas, especially when there’s a better option. 

It’s time to build for the clean energy future…not the fossil-fueled past.

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