Due to the fluid nature of events in Washington, D.C. and FBI warnings today of possible domestic terrorist threats in all 50 states prior to the inauguration of President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris, the Core Crew leadership of Indivisible Bellingham has decided to cancel the Protect the Results rally that had been planned for November 4th, 2020 and then rescheduled for January 22, 2021.

We are all feeling a number of very strong emotions about the course of events that have taken place since the election. And while we knew there would be efforts to cast doubt on, and to de-legitimize, the electoral victory of the Democratic ticket, none of us could have imagined the horror of the past ten days – a president refusing to acknowledge he lost an election by a landslide, his party’s nearly complete refusal to acknowledge the winner, phone calls pressuring state election officials to somehow overturn a certified election in his favor, pressuring his Vice President to illegally de-certify the votes of tens of millions of Americans, and inciting an angry mob to attack our government which resulted in five deaths and endangered the lives of the Vice President, members of Congress, and Capitol police.

The insurgency failed and his defenders are being widely ostracized, but it’s not over yet. We feel that the arc toward justice is bending… toward impeachment (just passed with bipartisan support in the House) and conviction in the Senate. More and more people and organizations are finally standing up and speaking out about the damage this president and his enablers have done to the country and its institutions.

So what can WE do? Speak out. Call for President Trump’s immediate removal and a full criminal investigation and prosecution of everyone who incited, fomented, or participated in this violent insurrection. Continue transitioning power to the new administration. Use every platform at your disposal. Post on social media. Write an Op-Ed. Contact your local and state elected officials.

CELEBRATE!!! We have not only lost a much-needed sense of normalcy these last few years, but the victories we have won have been overshadowed by the daily onslaught of tweets and things unprecedented. That said, we would like to ask you to celebrate with your Indivisible Bellingham community by sending us your inauguration celebration pictures.

Are you getting together with family or your pods to celebrate the Biden/Harris inauguration? Are you excited about celebrating the Ossoff and Warnock victories in Georgia? Are you thrilled that finally we can get some major accomplishments achieved in the new 117th Congress?

While following safe social distancing guidelines, on January 20th, take and post your photos on Indivisible Bellingham’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages with the hashtag #IndivisibleBellingham. And if you’re not social media savvy, you can send them to

We’d also like to take a moment to thank all of you for your commitment to peace, justice, fairness, and equality. Special thanks go out to all those folks who worked their fingers to the bone postcarding, phonebanking, textbanking, and writing letters. And to those of you who donated, thank you so much for your generous contributions.

We’ve accomplished much over the past four years, and we are at a pivotal moment in determining the direction that Indivisible Bellingham goes from here. We need to know how you feel about questions such as, “How important do you see Indivisible’s work is going forward?” “What issues are most important to you?,” and “What skills can you contribute to the team?” To that end, soon we will be sending out a short survey to get your feedback.

Thank you for all you do!

The Indivisible Bellingham Core Crew