Activism is at the heart of what Indivisible Bellingham is all about.

We all do what we can, but we need to make sure that the ACTION part of our mission – “non-violent civic engagement, political involvement, and consistent pressure on elected officials” – is not just some empty promise.

Here is a list of upcoming events. Choose one. Choose several.

Be more than a bystander.


FRIDAY, September 20th – Bellingham Youth Climate Strike

In September (20-27) people everywhere around the world will walk out of their homes and workplaces together, and join young strikers in the streets to demand climate justice and emergency action to tackle the climate crisis. We know governments won’t do it on their own, so we’re going on a #climatestrike to show them what people power is capable of.Our home is on fire

Our forests are burning

Glaciers are melting

People are suffering

These are our reasons to strike.

Join our youth-led, all ages climate strike on September 20th.
Art – 9:30am
Rally – 11am
March – 12pm
*Wear green, all day, anywhere



MONDAY, October 21st –  Indivisible Bellingham All Hands General Membership Meeting

5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. – social gathering; bring food or drink to share; also free pizza and ice water
6 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.Opening & Headlines – Note: We are live-streaming the opening, the speakers, and questions. The virtual audience can also ask questions.

Check In – Small Groups

Speakers: To Be Determined

Actions: Postcards – De-Fund Hate – Urging our House Representatives to earmark ICE and CBP funding increases for humanitarian relief, not prisons.

Free Pizza! Bring finger-food and snack food to share! Ice water and tea are available. Plenty of free parking.

We will meet downstairs at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, 1207 Ellsworth Street, Bellimngham.



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