About TAN

What is Take Action Network (TAN)

TAN is a platform developed for Washington State activists, like you, where you can easily take actions on important legislative bills, be informed of local meetings and town halls, and follow what is happening on important issues throughout the year.

Why Should I Use TAN?

TAN is a way that you can participate in the legislative process and make a difference. OI volunteers and other Indivisible organizations are doing deep-dive research on legislation that needs your action. The work is done for you all you have to do is click a link.

What Will I Need to Do?

Indivisible Bellingham is following specific legislative bills. One of our IB volunteers will track the bills and alert YOU on what and how to respond to the movement of that bill through the legislative process. You will receive email alerts when action is needed.

Also, Indivisible groups across the state (and other progressive organizations) are tracking legislation. You can choose to receive email alerts on those too.

How Do I Get Started

  • Attend a training session
  • See “If You Are In A Hurry” below to get started immediately. You can always follow up with a training session.

What Will I Learn in the Training Session?

You will learn how to sign in to TAN and use ready-to-go scripts to telephone or email your representatives and to register your support or not (Pro/Con) for a bill. 

TAN is a powerful tool and we will offer additional training for those who want to learn more about TAN features.

Watch a video of the training session.

What Do I Do If I Have Problems or Questions?

Getting help is easy! Send a question using the Take Action Network (TAN) Help Form.

Sign Up for Next Training Session

Sign up to attend a TAN training session.

If You Are In a Hurry

You can still come to any training class and ask questions.